This is where a little more will be explained about the characters of this story, beginning, obviously, with our “hero”, in all his reluctance.


A creature without anything resembling a sound mind, a century-long manhunt was led against him for his dubiously moral experiments, and now he faces trial at the hands of a humourless Ettin judge and a jury of his peers. Chip is unable to comprehend the weight of his actions, and has no idea why he’s being punished. There is a fair amount of evidence, however, that points to origins even he didn’t know about…


Great-grandson of legendary Ettin lawmaker Vaston Hid, Judge Hieronymus Vaston presides over Chip’s trial. Unlike his grandfather, the Judge has no time for the inane antics of a mad scientist parading around his courtroom, and he seems to harbour a grudge for reasons unknown…


One half of the “Albian Adam And Eve Project”, alongside Modo. A white-haired Pixie Norn with a calm and collected temper, Hope is the progenitor of Clan Neidermeyer, the first Norns of “New Albia” (A desert ruin).


The second half of the Albian Adam And Eve Project, a fearful and often-henpecked young Norn with a green coat who has survived many brushes with death, at the cost of a major amount of his former bravery. Can often be found cowering from his own shadow.


A failed experiment to give a Norn an infinite amount of energy. Quasimodo’s altered physiology makes him thirty times as strong as a regular Norn or Grendel, and he has the physical traits of both; A red-eyed, hunchbacked Norn with ridge-like horns, pointed teeth and claws extending at least six inches from his fingers.


Strangers from another world, who left behind evidence of their existence. Statues of them have been located all over Albia, some of which are charged with a strange psychokinetic energy…

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