Back To The Trial (Trial Arc Finale)

“And all this truly happened?” asked the judge, incredulously. The Elder simply nodded, as the judge leaned forward, staring directly at Chip with piercing, dark orbs for his eyes.

“So what you are saying is that Chip The Third isn’t only a murderer, he is also the saviour of your village, the discoverer of a new species, a roboticist, and an all-around smarmy little-?” the judge composed himself as Chip smirked. “Are you… Are you MOCKING me, sir?!”

“Got it in one, Strands,” Chip smirked, “the whole point of this trial, me coming quietly and such and such, was to waste your time while we got everything fitted.”

“What do you mean, while you got… Everfnghtuhd…”

The judge fell into a deep sleep, alongside the rest of the courtroom, allowing Chip to simply walk out. He boarded the airship bound for his old home.

“You were right, Ogilvy,” he smiled, “given time, everything went according to plan. They don’t even know which part of the story was true, like me landing on Albia with nothing and raising two norns. Incidentally, we should be getting back to them.”

“So, you just Keyser Soze’d the entire thing?” asked the young, white-haired chap, “what about the witnesses?”

“You really think the Elder would go against the saviour of Sandstopper? Come on! Of course he told that story to give you guys time to bust me out. Thanks, man.”

“What will you do now?”

“What do you think? I’ll go and carry on caring for my family here on Albia. Of course the records will still be updated, I need a way to remember the good times. Good thing I took all those stage theatric classes, though…”


2 thoughts on “Back To The Trial (Trial Arc Finale)

  1. Quite the twist for Chip! I like how everything has come together, especially in a way that was totally unexpected. I’m looking forward to hearing about how Chip takes care of his family, hopefully without too many genetic experiments! Although I will say that those did bring up some interesting thoughts and ideas.


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