For Jessica: A Discover Albia Tribute

[A tale for Jessica of Discover Albia, without whom I’d never have the confidence to even start this blog. Check her blog out; she’s a talented player and a true friend.]

“Hey, come on, wake up! I wanna play!” Thrennion complained, prodding the sleeping elder in the belly. Preetar came by a few minutes later, and took a moment to appreciate the young Norn’s innocence before approaching.

“Evening, kid,” Preetar greeted, “what’s going on?”

“I’m trying to wake Pathun, so we can play!”

Preetar rolled his eyes, of course the kid wouldn’t know.

“Thrennion…” he started, looking at the floor, “Pathun is… He isn’t gonna wake up. Pathun’s dead.”

Thrennion took a moment to take in exactly what that meant, then stared at the lifeless body, with saucer-like, teary eyes.

“Pathun is…?” was all he could mumble.

“Thren,” Preetar hugged the small Norn, “don’t be sad. Do you know what the afterlife is?” Thrennion shook his head, “the afterlife is a place where Creatures go when they’re dead. In the afterlife, the dead can be happy and watch over us. Pathun won’t ever really die, so long as we remember him.”

And meanwhile, in another plane of existence, a recently deceased Norn licked the excess honey from his lips, and approached the gates of Heaven. A lonesome Shee wearing a cloak of darkness sat with a mug of hootch.

“Ah, Mr. Pathun,” the Shee calmly smiled, “I trust your final moments were to your liking?” Pathun nodded, saving his breath, “Ah, well then… Drink with us. Someone here has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Pathun was pleasantly surprised when he saw her. Athahain was exactly as he remembered her, and now that her spirit was all that remained, she was young again. He sat with them and drank. Eternity awaited.

Back on Albia, someone had a problem.

“Zelroo, why are you staring at OH MY GRAND MY FOOT CAN DETACH!”


2 thoughts on “For Jessica: A Discover Albia Tribute

  1. This is wonderful, Chip: Thank you so much for writing this about my silly C1 Norns! I actually teared up a little bit at the end, and then had to burst out laughing about that detachable foot. Ha! It’s a perfect way to picture Pathun and Athahain: I do hope that this is exactly what happened to them.


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