Fan Bonus and “I’m Sorry” Sunday

When I receive feedback from people across the community and my circle of friends, it makes me glad that, in a rather sad Creatures blog dry spell, my blog can help people pass the time with a narrative that intrigues them.

But recently, lots of people have had strong, and very mixed reactions to some of the developments in the plot. To those people, I apologize, and I’ll get the blog’s tone back the way it was as soon as I can. I’m not just blogging for myself; I’m blogging this whole project to make people entertained with my writing. If people are angry, then I have failed to entertain them, and it is my job as the author to set things right with those people. I’ve been a bit depressed recently and I think that it might have seeped into my writing, but I’ll plow through and attempt to get this blog back on track. I owe it to all of you.

As a further bonus (and another apology), I created snapshots of Chip and Ogilvy using some online fashion thing, and I decided to put them up here not just to say I’m sorry, but as a thank-you to everyone who’s sticking with the blog, despite my ill-fated attempt to write darkness. Here we go…

Chip III
 photo Chip Pic_zps0g7rlqhr.png

The goggles DO actually have a purpose; They function as a portable Owner’s Kit and Science Kit! And judging from the pose, looks like Chip has seen something he intends to get!

Ogilvy (Academy Ark)
 photo Ogilvy pic_zpsdvqljo5s.png

Ogilvy wasn’t always evil. It was his contact with the Dissonance that made him into the unrepentant, murderous scumbag he is today. The bandage over his eye hides a lasting injury, and in his moments of lucidity, he reverts to his younger, more innocent form. Even he is horrified by the behaviour the Dissonance exhibits.

Dissonant Ogilvy
 photo Older Ogilvy Pic_zpslgtakzx6.png

The mind-infecting parasites known as The Dissonance are even more confused about Ogilvy’s gender than anyone else, and thus they warped him into an androgynous psychopath with more mental complexes than should be physically possible. In this form, the Dissonance often wears a small crown and carries a sceptre, indicative of a status that it desires to lord over others. As a swarm of nanobots, it is possible (but hard) to reprogram them, which is what Ogilvy wants…


One thought on “Fan Bonus and “I’m Sorry” Sunday

  1. Haha, all good Chip. The story did take a rather unexpected turn there. I can completely understand why it may have rubbed people the wrong way, especially considering the Creatures franchise has always had a ‘family friendly’ thing going on.
    Personally I’ve always been a fan of taking a good story and adding an adult layer to it, kind of like how Hollywood has done recently with a lot of comics or toy-based stories (ie. Transformers). When you consider how much genetic engineering goes on in Creatures, it could actually be a fantastic platform to delve into things like gender issues.
    I kind of hope you continue with some of your darker themes. Although perhaps a ‘mature content’ warning might not go astray 😛

    P.S. Love the designs.


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