The Tale of Sandstopper, Part Six: Borland Lives (In A Way)

[Recommended Listening: It’s like internal dialogue for both parties…]

*This is an INTERACTIVE post!*

Gamma’s systems were at their highest capacity, with the new mechanical body finally adjusting to its internals. There was no doubt, the frame was a weapon. A thinking, sea-monster-crushing weapon designed solely for the purpose of defending the village. However, the memories of the former Geat were proving too much for it. Those last moments aboard the Ark played back endlessly; How Gamma had slacked off its duties, how shirking responsibility led to the core overheating, how the fireball that resulted utterly devastated most of the ship and how he was unlucky enough to survive.

The fury that came with the new body wasn’t helping. What Chip had intended as a tool to make Gamma into an instinctive protector against Borland was being directed internally, since they were in a place where the sea was no concern. Finally, Gamma spoke.

“Gamma crush Borland… Gamma crush… lonely, Gamma lonely… Gamma extremely sad. Gamma kill Borland, then self. Gamma kill self. Gamma terminate.”

Before anyone could stop the machine, it blasted off like the mutant offspring of Mazinger and Road Runner, determined to perform a suicide charge on the very thing it was until recently unaware of.

Chip, immediately harking back to his past experiences with a creation of his dying, rushed after Gamma. The immense power generated by the Geat-thing’s rage was bound to pack a punch, and if it turned that energy inward, that’s two more deaths he’d be responsible for. He made it to the shoreline before he found something. A scale, from Borland. A close examination revealed that it wasn’t a scale, but rather, a flake of dry paint around a piece of alloy shaped like a guitar pick. Was Borland… A fake?

Chip’s attention turned to the battle further out at sea. Borland was taking a beating, all right, but something odd had happened to it.

The sea monster’s scales had drifted off into the ocean, revealing a metallic husk. Wrapped around its ribcage was a fleshy, parasitic creature. Its face was human, and the beast was surrounded by viscera, though it was protected by an iron sphere. This was the true Borland; a freakishly mutated lump of skin given life. As more and more of the outer monstrosity was blasted away, more and more of the frame was exposed, a mess of technology and wires. As Gamma initiated its final charge, the iron heart of the beast was sent flying ashore!

By now, a crowd had gathered, among them Hope, Modo and Chip. The three hurried to the metal sphere, opening it to find the hideous monster inside.

“What… What ARE you?!” was all an incredulous Chip could splutter, which made the parasite begin to laugh. A hollow, drawn-out wheezing cackle from a creature with no sanity at all punctuated by the rhythmic beeps and blips of a heart monitor and a computer.

“HAhahahahAAAHHHeeheehehehoohahahaaaa…” wheezed the broken, wretched creature. “I do NOT- not -NAAaAAaaawt! – need to explain A-ny-THING to YOU! I-am-we-are-you-shall-not. YOU. YOU. You-you-YOU. Will! Sub-MIT! We are The Fleshed – THE FLESHED!”



9 thoughts on “The Tale of Sandstopper, Part Six: Borland Lives (In A Way)

  1. We must find out what The Fleshed are! I vote for an interrogation, although one that’s rather cautious and non-violent. Who knows what this thing is capable of. I also really like the twist with Borland. Oddly enough, Borland will be mentioned in the backstory to my C3/DS underwater world I hope to start in the next few days. Guess it’s a very popular subject these days!

    No ideas from me on the inspiration for The Fleshed. For a moment I thought of Men In Black, although that doesn’t quite seem like it. I get more of an Aliens vibe, though that’s still probably way off! They do seem vaguely familiar… I’m interested to find out what the inspiration was, to see if I might remotely know!


      1. Hmm, in that case, maybe The Fly? Which, coincidentally, often reminds me of the splicing pods in C2 and C3/DS! Better be sure those things are clear of any other living forms prior to starting them up. Ha! But I’ll let everyone else guess, since I’m throwing random things out here that are really just… Random!


  2. While I’m in favor of interrogation, I wonder if they will even have time to question this creature, with a raging Gamma out to kill. I’m really concerned about Gamma in general >:


  3. I’d like to see an interrogation, though I’d understand anyone who said the insane, violent creature should be terminated instead. I’m with Amai, though. I’m very concerned about poor Gamma. 😦


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