The Tale of Sandstopper Part Five

The work took hours, and Borland was clearly audible from miles away. Upon completion, Gamma barely resembled a Geat.

His head remained the same, albeit larger, and it now stood atop a boxy frame, packed with scavenged gunpowder and munitions. The newer features necessitated a higher power of CPU, so Gamma’s computer brain was completely rebuilt from random electronic parts lying around.

Chip, proud as he was, was waxing lyrical.

“Gamma, stand, for you are now unchained,” he muttered to himself, “you’ll bring peace to a world gone insane…”

Gamma scanned the area, picking up a significant danger to the west, and immediately stood rigid, awaiting the operation to finish.

“Restoring the freedom to make you whole,” continued Chip, “I’ll give you power, you take control…”


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