The Tale of Sandstopper, Part Four

The huge, disc-shaped thing falling toward the village was the first thing to greet Modo’s eyes as he woke up. The craft, which upon closer inspection resembled an enormous snow globe, plummeted into the sea, and out drifted a black Geat. Modo, who had never seen such a thing before, eventually decided to drag it into the village.

After about an hour of searching, all three parties met up with one another to recap the events of the day; How Chip had been tasked with calming Borland. How Hope had managed to barter her way into town after getting everything back from a beachcombing Ettin. How Modo had found a Geat from the sky. Chip began to inspect it quite thoroughly, before his eyes lit up.

“Do you know where we can find a large amount of scrap metal?” he asked abruptly to a random villager.

“Well… The Shipyard usually gets tons of it. Why?”

“Because I’ve just had an idea of how we can stop your sea monster problem…”


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