The Tale of Sandstopper, Part One

It had been a month since the apparent rescue of Modo from his prototypical precursor, and the young Chip had decided to take his Norns to another part of Albia to relax and unwind. Hope had laid an egg, which had hatched into their latest addition to the family; a green White Haired Pixie Norn called Jotnar. Now that his first two Norns were adults, they could fend for themselves, but Chip had heard tell of a third species on Albia; the Ettins. Backbone of Albian Industry.

The boat he’d crafted was reinforced with additional wood on the hull, allowing it to withstand many kinds of waves, even the highest and strongest. So, it was understandable that, when the boat almost tipped to one side as they neared the docks of Sandstopper Village, his alarmed exclamation of “JESUS H!” was heard all the way to the slums.

Chip had little time to get his bearings, as he noticed fairly quickly that the boat was taking on water.


The deafening roar, and subsequent whoosh of spray, disoriented the four tourists as a great beast leapt out of the water and over them. It had colossal, bug-like eyes resembling tremendous black spheres, above a comparatively small mouth. Its scaly body was held together with elegant ridges, and it had flippers like scythes with which to slash the ocean currents as it cavorted about beneath the waves. Inside its mouth were rows of dagger-like teeth, each one sharper than the last and seeming to extend deep down into its throat. It thrashed itself about, taking the rest of the boat with it, and throwing the four onto land…


One thought on “The Tale of Sandstopper, Part One

  1. The paragraph about the boat tipping had me laughing! And oh no… I know who that giant fish must be! Come to think of it, this description is very terrifying, but completely accurate. I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with the ocean if this monster was lurking beneath the surface.


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