Testimony of the Elder

“Listen, this is all very interesting, but if you two could please cut the sap for a minute…” the judge sighed. His mind was set exclusively on the trial at hand, and no matter what his opinion, nothing could change that. “…We have a witness as to yet another of your bouts of madness. Prosecutor Pangur?”

The wide eyed Purple Mountain Norn behind the prosecutor’s bench slowly stood, lowering his hands from their defensive position above his head.

“Uhh, yeah, we, ahh… Umm, the prosecution would… Umm…”

“OUT WITH IT, MAN!” screeched the exasperated judge, terrifying the fresh young prosecutor’s stammer out of the room.

“The prosecution… Calls His Glorious Elder Pharkas to the stand.”

In minutes, a blind old Desert Ettin in a shabby brown cloak stood at the witness stand.

“Your Glory,” Pangur timidly requested, “please, if you will, recount for us the events of The Great Collapse of the Sandstopper Dam.”

The Elder coughed, then cleaned his glass eye. He clicked his tongue twice, then began the tale…


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