Schedule Info

Hey y’all. No update to the story this post, I just wanted to share my info with you. The times may vary because I’m a “UK Resident” instead of an “American Citizen”.

However, it will usually be around the weekend when I post an update, unless I’m busy being in hospital or on holiday or dodging flying lemons or something like that.

An addendum; While there was no contest, congratulations to Jessica of Discover Albia for correctly guessing who appears in the next arc… *Evil grin*


One thought on “Schedule Info

  1. Everyone must watch out for those flying lemons! I’m also excited that I guessed the next character, even though I’m not entirely sure who it will be. I have some ideas, but I’m glad I got it right! I’ll be sure to check back on weekends, although knowing me, I’ll be checking in once a day just to see if there is anything new to follow. No pressure, though! I completely understand the demands of life, and luckily it’s easy to go back and just re-read some of the former posts to see if I missed anything. Hopefully you’ll be gathering some more excited readers!


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