Intermission: Things Found in the Containment Centre of Chip III

  • One (1) off-Broadway musical soundtrack.
  • Eight (8) spare blazers and hats, in various states of disrepair.
  • Three (3) model skeletons of the various life forms of Albia.
  • Six (6) pens.
  • The lyrics to She & Him’s popular song “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here” scribbled on the far wall.
  • Innumerable vials of various chemicals.

Diagnosis: Mentally, the detained appears to be damaged. The cause is yet to be determined. When asked as to the nature of his experiments, the detained was adamant that his sole motivation was the betterment of life in the harsh desert regions of Albia. Quotes, “why is the world flat? It isn’t!”

Therapy: Detained has a tendency to become noticeably more lucid in the presence of the unearthed Shee statue, which is located near the area his “failed experiment” is testified to have expired due to oxygen deprivation. Noticeably, the eyes of the detained become a similar colour to the activated monument, and brain activity increases fifty-fold. No helpful statements come from the detained during these periods; in place of testimony, a string of inane ramblings are heard, though the detained exhibits heightened awareness. Further investigation of the statue is required.


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