Intermission: Genetic Analysis of “Quasimodo”

Laboratory findings show the creature, whose body was located off-shore near the seas of New Albia, has scaled skin that allows for faster movement. Its internal organs are greatly resilient, though the lungs show signs of waterlogging, and the form is distended further than specified. Notably, its supposed death was apparently simple speculation, as the “corpse” has been reported to breathe heavily, in a laboured manner.

Attempts are currently being made to revive the creature through electrical charges and a modified incubator. Its brain is still active, though it is paralyzed and very close to death. If not murder, the charge can be easily considered to be assault and therefore still an illegal and harmful action. However, if the creature cannot be revived for further study, the charge shall remain murder and all necessary consequences for the crime shall remain.

It is the opinion of this researcher that the fury and cowardice displayed by the accused, without provocation, is grounds for more psychological testing.


4 thoughts on “Intermission: Genetic Analysis of “Quasimodo”

  1. I’m intrigued, too! I hope Quasimodo can make it. Also, I just have to say that I’m having a blast reading this all, Chip! I think some might think that a blog idea with no in-game screenshots and no actual gameplay might not work, but this is brilliant. And I mean that: Please keep this going forever, because this is my new favorite thing to check every day!

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    1. EDIT: Due to creative inspiration, and a unanimous vote, I can announce that Chip is indeed guilty of attempted murder. The trial reconvenes and continues, we are far from done…


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