Jury 1

*This is an INTERACTIVE post!*

“And there you have it, the first of many charges!” the judge exclaimed, “the murder of an innocent, simply for the crime of living, and being brought into the world by you!”

“Your Honour, if I didn’t intervene, it… He would have killed my child,” argued Chip, “I had to act.”

“You could have resolved the situation peacefully,” countered the judge, “Quasimodo was as much your son as his replacement. And let’s not forget, if you hadn’t killed him, then maybe-”

“Your Honour!” interrupted Chip, “I simply must protest! That was an unavoidable circumstance in any case, whether Quasimodo was alive or dead. But I’ll tell you what. We’ll go to a jury, and see what their opinions of the matter are. We’ll go with the majority vote, innocent or guilty.”



7 thoughts on “Jury 1

  1. Guilty! I had to re-read the evidence a few times, and it’s still a bit of a gray area. All the more reason to make this interesting! The experiments had possible consequences that Chip should have been aware of, and it was his responsibility to take care of Quasimodo. He even said that the beast should never be allowed to escape, and when he did, Chip didn’t take any action to contain him. The fight may have appeared to be self defense, but Quasimodo might have been revived in time after being locked in the airlock. Had he been contained beforehand, there would never have been a danger to Modo or anyone else. Killing him was unnecessary, and therefore, a murderous act.

    I can see the points for the innocent side, though… I hope that you manage to get a bunch of different opinions to get the final verdict!


      1. Indeed! I hope I’m not bothering you too much with my comments: It’s just really fun to start reading a blog from the very beginning, and there’s nothing like this one out there. I’m also having fun picturing just where this takes place in Albia, and how the action is unfolding! These interactive posts seem like they’ll be fun, too, since I imagine the story might change slightly depending on the verdict. Good luck spreading the word and getting more Creatures fans to join this jury!


      2. You’re not bothering me at all! I love hearing comments from anyone. I’m working on prettying up the site with some pages, like a cast sheet or something, but I’d be happy to get the word out (gonna need all the help I can get though)!


  2. It’s a shame Chip’s journal is the only evidence that we have. I would really like to believe he isn’t guilty and that he really was protecting Modo, but with only his account of the whole incident I can’t be sure that Quasimodo was actually intending to do harm. It looks to me that the only harm the “unholy demon” actually did was in its own defense, either while it was imprisoned or when Chip jumped it; anyone would fight back in those situations! I was especially intrigued that the hybrid took care not to damage the raft. I believe that shows an intelligence that is not generally present in instinctual killers such as that which Chip has made Quasimodo out to be.

    I can believe that Chip truly meant well in what he did, but without any further evidence that Quasimodo was actually posing a threat to Modo, I have to heavy-heartedly judge that the only instinctual killer in this situation is Chip.


    1. Hurrah! New reader! 😀

      One day left to vote, I think, before the next few posts. I’m gonna toy with a new format to the fiction as well… Things don’t look good for Chip, do they?


  3. I have to agree with the other jurors. While I may not be as eloquent as they, I agree that Quasimodo was intelligent enough to be reasoned with. Chip’s assumption that Quasimodo intended to harm Modo is up for debate as well since we have no other evidence to base this on than Chip’s journal. Based on this, it is hard to say whether Chip was really protecting his second son or not. Guilty!


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