Welcome to my brand spanking new Creatures blog. Since I am no longer able to play Creatures due to losing the disc and upgrading to Windows 8/9/Whatever, this one will be a little different. Rather than a real-time log, this blog will instead follow a narrative, based on memories of sessions gone by. I’m not going to be in character during comments or announcement posts, but I’m definitely breaking off from the normal methodology. Because… I’m not exactly normal myself. So sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of life, loss, mad science and hubris.


4 thoughts on “Interrogations

  1. Chip, this is amazing! I can’t wait to follow along with all of your posts: The first few already have me completely interested in where this is going. Congratulations on starting up your blog! If anything, you now have one very devoted reader. Keep up the great work!


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