File #2: Experiments Begin

DAY 5: The Lab

I was out with Hope today, and we found some sort of laboratory. It’s out of the way of the Hatchery area, but just next to it. There’s a machine called the Gene Splicer. Hang on a minute, Journal, I must go. Hope is shouting about something.

DAY 6: Grendels

These things. Hope is terrified of them, but I can’t help but admire them. Such a resistant body! Such bright eyes! Hang on a second, Journal, I have a thought.

The Norn body stores energy in a chemical known as Adenosene TriosPhate, which powers the body of the Norn and , when depleted, becomes a wholly new substance called Adenosene DiosPhate. Hence, these two chemicals are always in perfect balance in a healthy Norn. More ATP, more energy. Simple. But my theory is that a Norn can go for far longer if it has a self-replenishing supply of ATP. I have never seen these Grendels eat, so perhaps they multiply it themselves, in their own bodies? I must experiment upon this!

DAY 7: Subject 1

Subject One is a green-coloured Norn with blue eyes. I have not given him a name yet, as my experiment may fail. I have lured him to the Splicer with the promise of cheese and carrots, and entrapped him within.

DAY 8: Subject 2

Subject Two is a Grendel who I managed to coax away from their volcanic lair. It took most of yesterday and all of today to get him to enter the lift, but now my experiment can begin! I just need to press this button here, and I should have a perfectly… Healthy…

Oh no. Oh God no. What have I done?!

Day 9: Quasimodo

I can’t think of any other name for it. Half-formed, just like the fabled Hunchback of Notre Dame. It has the aggressive tendencies of its Grendel half, it nearly took off my head when it woke up, but its Norn side fights it away. It must stay here. It CANNOT be allowed into the wild.

Day 10: Nobody Home

It’s escaped. Quasimodo rushed me and escaped its prison. Wherever it may be, it had better not harm my beautiful Hope. My little girl. She must never find out what happened this past few days. No one must ever know.

Day 11: Cruel Fate

I can’t get back to the volcano island. Quasimodo took the raft. Good. Poor creature, I brought it into this world for the betterment of Nornkind. In a way, I feel responsible for it. I pray that it forgives me.

Day 12: Happy Birthday Hope

Hope seemed to age up overnight. She knows entire sentences now, and I’m so proud of her. But she must have company if this mission is to become a success. I got a second egg from the Hatchery and incubated it. It looks just like Quasimodo before the… Incident. I’ve called him Modo. Happy Birthday to the both of them.

Day 13: Modo No Show

Modo is gone. I’ve searched everywhere. If that abomination wants kinship here, it has to keep its aggression in check.

Day 14: It Looked At Me

I saw it on the coast. It stared at me with those piercing red eyes. It’s me that it wants.

“What’s wrong, daddy?” asked Hope, noticing my stress.

“Nothing, honey,” I lied, “go and play inside. I’ll find Modo. I think I know where he is…”


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