File #1: Arrival on Albia

Day 1: Arrivals

Hi Journal! I’m Chip. I was sent down here to take care of Norns, but I can’t find ’em anywhere. All I have are these eggs, plus the hatchery over… Oh. Oh, now I see. Hang on Journal, I’m going to incubate an egg.

I’m back with a lil’ baby Norn! I think I’ll call her Hope, because I hope she’ll have a long and fulfilling life here with me. Now, on the subject of food and teaching her… All I have are my hat and my blazer. There’s a computer here, but it only gives out basic vocabulary. There’s a tiny creature walking around in some marching pattern, but it only repeats a few words and then marches off.

Day 2: Hope’s First Word

Hope spoke today. Push, she said. Then “Hope push”. Then “Hope push food”. She’s starving, the poor thing.


We found some food today! Right under our noses! The Shee can [REDACTED, FOUL LANGUAGE DETECTED] in a castle far, far away where nobody can hear them [REDACTED] with a baboon spider on the moon!

Sorry, Journal. I just get so dang angry at those guys sometimes. I wouldn’t even be here if I wasn’t such a doormat. “Chip, fix the water valve”, they say to me, “Chip, ol’ buddy, can you babysit the Geats?” “Chip, be a darling and strand yourself on a doomed world to repopulate it, would you? Okay thanks we knew you wouldn’t mind” and so on, and so on.

Day 4: Hope’s Second Word

You won’t believe this. Hope spoke again. This time directly to me. And you know what she said? Daddy. She… I…

Yes, little one. I’m your daddy. I’m here to protect you. I’m here to protect everyone.


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