The High Court was a hive of activity as the trial started. The prisoner, known simply as Chip, had been found unconscious before a buried statue of The Shee, during an excavation of Albia, and on his person were several feverish notes that documented a variety of atrocities, mostly related to altering a living creature’s genetic code.

As the sharply-dressed convict was brought forth, a loud series of boos and hisses was the immediate reaction of the jury. Wordlessly, Chip proceeded to the defendant’s chair and sat down, prompting the Ettin judge to stand.

“Chip The Third. I never thought I’d see the day. Do you know what your actions all those years ago have done? That you are explained to our children as a monster in a cautionary tale? That our shores must be reinforced with iron walls? That you yourself are rendered in history as some form of demon?” the judge opened, leaning ever closer to Chip with every word.

“Me?” replied the dusty, dishevelled individual, seemingly bewildered, “what did I do?”

“What did you do? You honestly don’t recall? Well, then, maybe a look through your notes will help you remember. Bailiff! Fetch the defendant’s files from evidence. We’ll start from the very beginning…”


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