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I’ve got too many appointments for the hospital to update recently. I hope you all understand.

Also, I have a secret project that I’m starting up; if you like this blog, and you like ARGs, you’re going to love this secondary thing…

Old Habits

[The end of the Great Intermission!]

It was a quiet Sunday morning on Albia, several months after the escape from the Trial. Chip had gradually made his way back to the place where his Norn family was being raised. The whole ordeal had made Modo and Hope decide to recede their “marriage” as they raised their children, and so a lot of thing were new around the home. Suddenly, the alarm that Chip had installed on arrival began to blare.

“Hey, look, it’s that time again,” sighed Hope, taking the elevator to the ground floor. A terribly large and imposing Grenorn (the descendants of Quasimodo, who had survived for quite a long time) was rowing to shore. “What is it this time?”

The grenorn lurched out of the boat and began his usual routine.

“Gimme honey. Gimme yer ‘puter. Gimme everything ya got,” he commanded, not realizing Hope was bored of this already. This had been going on for days. “Ah, come on! Help a guy out, wouldja!? I need it for my wife! I need all this stuff for trading to please my shopaholic hag of a significant other!”

And so on, and so on. The pleading was halted by the sight of a tremendous airship hovering above them, descending to land on the sandy beaches. A crowd formed, and a familiar shape stepped out, accompanied by fog and smoke…

“Did you really think I was gone forever?” Chip smirked, as he was instantly embraced by his family. Chip had vanished for months at a time, and had that twinkle in his eyes that sometimes flashed up. He’d been to the opposite island many times… And when he returned, he never spoke about what happened there.

That night, that would change. Hope, Modo, and two of their children (Alyssa and Bates, respectively) planned in secret to follow him in the submarine. So, that night, they did, and they decided to split up to cover more ground. It was Modo who found Chip at last, working on some strange new device and with a couple of twisted, malnourished and deformed creatures locked away. One resembled a mass of eyes and mouths, with eighteen heads. Modo silently praised every god he knew the existence of that it couldn’t move. The other creature was a chattering mess of mangled body parts, crudely stitched together, with approximately nineteen visible faces. They shrieked, screamed, babbled and begged as the crazed scientist paid it no heed, transfixed by his work.

Hope witnessed something less objectively horrifying; in the entrance to the island, in a room not far from their infiltration point, was a statue. Its eyes shone a deep purple, enticing her closer, when they immediately turned red. The more Hope stared at it, the more she began to hear a noise. It sounded like a thousand voices, each one whispering some indecipherable command, and they only got louder…

The twins had found a strange journal, chronicling a week on the island, but then finding other pages had been torn out, scribbled over, or just plain burned. The phrase “FOR SCIENCE!” tended to occur frequently.


Whatever Happened to Chip?

The story will resume very soon, everyone! I hit terrible writer’s block, and then lots of appointments and hospital visits came up. I’ll try to update on Sunday though, I promise! A few shout outs to Aiko of Naturing;Nurturing for her fantastic video playthrough of Creatures (and her voice, which is fighting her norns for the title of Cutest Thing), the lovely folks of Creatures Caves, and Grendel Man, who I haven’t directly interacted with but admired as a genius from afar!

Unsolved Mysteries

Chip felt strange as he returned to his old lab. Nothing was broken, but a faint ringing sounded from the island to the east. It was calling him… Chip’s eyes fogged over in a purple haze, and, in a trance, he made his way to the island for the second time in ages…

Ask The Cast

THE GREAT INTERMISSION COMMENCES! However, I have made this blog my mission, and it won’t end, so while I gather inspiration, I’ve gathered all the cast for a behind the scenes expose on anything you guys might want to ask! It can be any question, addressed to any character, answered by them personally*!

So, without further ado, let’s begin the Great Intermission of Asks!

*Responses to questions are dictated, written in script format, and posted. Chip The Third and ChipCo. Industries are not responsible for any sarcastic or ultimately untrue replies.

Back To The Trial (Trial Arc Finale)

“And all this truly happened?” asked the judge, incredulously. The Elder simply nodded, as the judge leaned forward, staring directly at Chip with piercing, dark orbs for his eyes.

“So what you are saying is that Chip The Third isn’t only a murderer, he is also the saviour of your village, the discoverer of a new species, a roboticist, and an all-around smarmy little-?” the judge composed himself as Chip smirked. “Are you… Are you MOCKING me, sir?!”

“Got it in one, Strands,” Chip smirked, “the whole point of this trial, me coming quietly and such and such, was to waste your time while we got everything fitted.”

“What do you mean, while you got… Everfnghtuhd…”

The judge fell into a deep sleep, alongside the rest of the courtroom, allowing Chip to simply walk out. He boarded the airship bound for his old home.

“You were right, Ogilvy,” he smiled, “given time, everything went according to plan. They don’t even know which part of the story was true, like me landing on Albia with nothing and raising two norns. Incidentally, we should be getting back to them.”

“So, you just Keyser Soze’d the entire thing?” asked the young, white-haired chap, “what about the witnesses?”

“You really think the Elder would go against the saviour of Sandstopper? Come on! Of course he told that story to give you guys time to bust me out. Thanks, man.”

“What will you do now?”

“What do you think? I’ll go and carry on caring for my family here on Albia. Of course the records will still be updated, I need a way to remember the good times. Good thing I took all those stage theatric classes, though…”

Hope Against Hope

Hope was ready to leave and head home with her husband and son… But Chip, her father, was nowhere to be seen! She gathered everyone to the docks to await for him, when they saw a tremendous airship gently hover into port. There was a lot of noise from within, and the metallic sound of rapid footsteps as the ship landed…

Chip leapt from the door of the airship seconds before it spontaneously exploded! In his arms, he carried an unconscious man with one eye and a large, serious number of bruises and cuts. Chip placed the unconscious man on the small lifeboat and kicked it off, into the sea, where it began to drift away.

“Pack your things,” he told the trio, with a hint of sadness in his voice, “we’re leaving.”

Hope and Modo made a number of attempts to get the story of what happened in the airship, but Chip kept silent, packing away everything he had brought. It was clear he was affected greatly by whatever it was. Later that night, Modo found Chip on the deck of the boat, staring off into the moonlight. As she approached, he climbed onto the side and jumped off into the sea, swimming off into the distance. Modo heard the splashing and came out to see what it was.

“Hope?” he asked, “Where… Where’s Papa Chip going?”

“Chip… Needs to be alone right now, I think,” replied his wife, “he’s had some very hard choices to make, and he didn’t always make the right ones. So, he’s… He’s going away. He needs time.”

“Do you think we’ll ever see him again?” asked Modo, mournfully.

“I think we might. Depends on how much pain he’s in…”

Chip, meanwhile, was in deep thought as he swam. It pained him to leave his family, but he needed to keep them safe. How much safer can you be if your mad scientist father was far away? Chip swam for hours before he came across an abandoned sea-fort to rest in. It had a lab. It was surprisingly clean. Yes… This place would do.

And then something snapped, deep within him. A pounding from the inside of Chip’s head. The combined stress of every attempt he made to do good had finally caved in. A hollow chuckle escaped the mad scientist’s lips as he stared into a cracked mirror.

“No good deed goes unpunished…” he smirked to himself.

Chip worked all through night and day for the next few weeks. He was building something, something big…

Experiment 12a: Ogilvy’s Operation

The room was set for the operation to get rid of the Dissonance. All the tools were there, despite Chip having no surgical knowledge, and Ogilvy lay asleep on the table. The first cut ran deep, and Chip noticed the cloud of tiny robots drifting about, which inspired him. He began to gather lifeless corpses of his former friend’s past victims, and arranged parts of them on an adjoining table. He then used a syringe to entrap some of the Dissonance, injecting it into the false body. The wounds were repaired as the remaining cloud floated into the creation en masse, and the body changed while this happened. The form became feminine and pronounced, with pointed ears and grey flesh.

All that came to mind for Chip was the Metal Slug victory screen.


For Jessica: A Discover Albia Tribute

[A tale for Jessica of Discover Albia, without whom I’d never have the confidence to even start this blog. Check her blog out; she’s a talented player and a true friend.]

“Hey, come on, wake up! I wanna play!” Thrennion complained, prodding the sleeping elder in the belly. Preetar came by a few minutes later, and took a moment to appreciate the young Norn’s innocence before approaching.

“Evening, kid,” Preetar greeted, “what’s going on?”

“I’m trying to wake Pathun, so we can play!”

Preetar rolled his eyes, of course the kid wouldn’t know.

“Thrennion…” he started, looking at the floor, “Pathun is… He isn’t gonna wake up. Pathun’s dead.”

Thrennion took a moment to take in exactly what that meant, then stared at the lifeless body, with saucer-like, teary eyes.

“Pathun is…?” was all he could mumble.

“Thren,” Preetar hugged the small Norn, “don’t be sad. Do you know what the afterlife is?” Thrennion shook his head, “the afterlife is a place where Creatures go when they’re dead. In the afterlife, the dead can be happy and watch over us. Pathun won’t ever really die, so long as we remember him.”

And meanwhile, in another plane of existence, a recently deceased Norn licked the excess honey from his lips, and approached the gates of Heaven. A lonesome Shee wearing a cloak of darkness sat with a mug of hootch.

“Ah, Mr. Pathun,” the Shee calmly smiled, “I trust your final moments were to your liking?” Pathun nodded, saving his breath, “Ah, well then… Drink with us. Someone here has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Pathun was pleasantly surprised when he saw her. Athahain was exactly as he remembered her, and now that her spirit was all that remained, she was young again. He sat with them and drank. Eternity awaited.

Back on Albia, someone had a problem.

“Zelroo, why are you staring at OH MY GRAND MY FOOT CAN DETACH!”

Fan Bonus and “I’m Sorry” Sunday

When I receive feedback from people across the community and my circle of friends, it makes me glad that, in a rather sad Creatures blog dry spell, my blog can help people pass the time with a narrative that intrigues them.

But recently, lots of people have had strong, and very mixed reactions to some of the developments in the plot. To those people, I apologize, and I’ll get the blog’s tone back the way it was as soon as I can. I’m not just blogging for myself; I’m blogging this whole project to make people entertained with my writing. If people are angry, then I have failed to entertain them, and it is my job as the author to set things right with those people. I’ve been a bit depressed recently and I think that it might have seeped into my writing, but I’ll plow through and attempt to get this blog back on track. I owe it to all of you.

As a further bonus (and another apology), I created snapshots of Chip and Ogilvy using some online fashion thing, and I decided to put them up here not just to say I’m sorry, but as a thank-you to everyone who’s sticking with the blog, despite my ill-fated attempt to write darkness. Here we go…

Chip III
 photo Chip Pic_zps0g7rlqhr.png

The goggles DO actually have a purpose; They function as a portable Owner’s Kit and Science Kit! And judging from the pose, looks like Chip has seen something he intends to get!

Ogilvy (Academy Ark)
 photo Ogilvy pic_zpsdvqljo5s.png

Ogilvy wasn’t always evil. It was his contact with the Dissonance that made him into the unrepentant, murderous scumbag he is today. The bandage over his eye hides a lasting injury, and in his moments of lucidity, he reverts to his younger, more innocent form. Even he is horrified by the behaviour the Dissonance exhibits.

Dissonant Ogilvy
 photo Older Ogilvy Pic_zpslgtakzx6.png

The mind-infecting parasites known as The Dissonance are even more confused about Ogilvy’s gender than anyone else, and thus they warped him into an androgynous psychopath with more mental complexes than should be physically possible. In this form, the Dissonance often wears a small crown and carries a sceptre, indicative of a status that it desires to lord over others. As a swarm of nanobots, it is possible (but hard) to reprogram them, which is what Ogilvy wants…